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Show Critiques
East of Scotland Cocker Spaniel Club Open Show
Saturday 1st September 2018.
Critique: Mrs Jill Kengyelics (Hebdene)

Thank you yo the Officers and Committee for their kind invitation to judge at this friendly and well run show, giving my first breed club appointment in Scotland. Also a huge thank you to my very efficient stewards for keeping everything running smoothly. Last, but by no means least, thank you to all exhibitors for your entry and putting the time and effort in to your exhihits and their presentation.

Veteran Dog:
1- Smiths Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya. A super cobby 8 year old boy with great substance. Balanced masculine head. Excellent angulation fore and hind. Short in loin with big ribs. Moved out with enthusiasm. Well presented. RBD & BV.
2-Torbetts Kirlinjis Dare To Stare. 7 year old blue boy also of great quality and pushed hard for first place. Handsome balanced head, good lay of shoulder and well sprung ribs. Good bend of stifle and woved well.
3-Macfarlanes Lochranza Lord of the Isles.

Minor Puppy Dog
1-Nutalls Carmelfair Magnifique at Rosecourt. Stood alone in this class but was a very worthy 1st place and went on to be BPD. 8 month old blue boy. Well balanced throughout with correct shape of head, kind eye and good reach of neck. Correct shoulder placement and well ribbed. Rounded hindquarters, good tailset and carriage. Moved cinfidently round the ring. Shows great promise.

Puppy Dog
1- Todd and Rahmans Chataway Hijacked. 10 month old dark blue boy presenting a very short and cobby outline. Good head and reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders and good spring of rib. Correct bend of stifle. Well presented and moved forward well.
2-Kennedys Meakwood Make a Wish for Kenwad. 9 months of age. Another well put together young dog. Soft expression and eye. Short in body and correct angulation infront and behind. Moved out well.
3- Torbetts Kirlinjis Autumn Leaves.

Junior Dog
1-Todd and Rahmans Chataway Hijacked
2-Hynds Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar. Attractive black and white 14 month old boy. Cobby and balanced with lots of bone. Well sprung ribs and good angulation fore and aft. Moved ok. Gave his handler a hard time in this class.

Maiden Dog-0

Novice Dog.
1-Hynds Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar.
2-Torbetts Kirlinjis Autumn Leaves. 11 month old orange roan boy with great overall shape and angulation. Moved with enthusiasm. A little lacking in furnishings at the moment and less mature than 1.

Special Yearling Dog
1-Smiths Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya. 15 month old orang rian with a super, balanced outline. Good head, earset and reach of neck. Correct lay of shoulder and well rounded ribs. Generous width of thigh. Moved. Moved wel and nicely presented.
2-Hynds Ryallcourt Tan About Town at Scomar.

Undergraduate Dog-0

Graduate Dog
1-Clelands Belltrees Chocolate Fudge. 3 year old chocolate roan boy. Well presented. Cobby with big ribs. Good width of thigh and correct tailset. Happy confident mover.

Post Graduate Dog
1-Kennedys Winter Dance of Kenwad. Orange roan boy of 3 years. Short and square with balanced head and food reach of neck. Well off for rib and generous hindquarters. Moved well.
2-Torbetts Kirlinjis Made You Look. 3 year old dark blue roan male who pushed hard for first place. Happy and kind expression. Good body and angulation throughout. Well presented and moved well.
3- Bodzaks Briconess Solar Flare.

Limit Dog
1-Williams Gallingos Gold Finger. 3 year old gold male. Superbly presented. Handsome, balanced head with gentle expression. Correct shoulder angulation and generous ribs. Straight well boned legs. Good width of thigh and bend of stifle. Moved well.
2-Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Magician. Short and cobby black male of 3 years with a beautiful head and eye. Broad chest and correct lay of shoulder. Big ribs and good bend of stifle. Jyst preferred movement of 1. Well presented.
3-Kennedys Lynwater Daydreamer of Kenwad.

Open Dog
1-Todd abd Rahmans Glentree Tradition. 2 year old black male presenting a super square outline. Beautiful balanced head with kind eye and expression. Good reach of neck leading into clean well laid shoulders. Generous forechest and super return if upperarm. Well tucked in elbows and big barrel ribs. Good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Moved out well. Went on to win BD & BIS.
2-Carpenters Lynwater Belgian Chocolate. 6 year old chocolate roan boy. Masculine head with good reach of neck. Well boned with big ribs. Moved out with confidence. Lots to like just slightly longer cast than 1.
3-Adams Corralet Amor Brujo.

Veteran Bitch
1-Torbetts Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow. Lovely blue roan bitch in super condition for 13 years of age. Short and square with the sweetest of heads and kind eye. Correct angulation fore and aft and well ribbed. Moved around the ring with great drive.

Minor Puppy Bitch
1-Nurralls Carmelfair MaCherie of Rosecourt. Dark blue roan girl of almost 9 months. Lots of ring presence and one to watch for the future. A super short and cobby puppy balanced all through with a sweet head and expression. Correct angulation and big ribs. Moved with confidence. Went on to BPB & BPIS.
2-Neathams Shoogsea Bibidi Bobidi Boo. Orange roan puppy of just 6 months with kind head and expression. Good reach of neck, forechest and generous ribs. Moved well. Unfortunate to meet 1.

Puppy Bitch
1-Flowers Totenkopf Dancing on Ice. Orange roan of 11months. Mature for age. Sweet head. Good reach of neck going into well laid shoulders and big barrel ribs. Good bend of stifle and moved out with drive.
2-Devines Chataway the Number One Girl at Devmont. Dark blue roan girl with sweet head and kind expression. Lots to like all through with well laid shoulder, big ribs and correct bend of stifle. Unfortunately just losing topl todayline.
3-Scotlands Lynlochan Ophelia.

Junior Bitch
1-Duncans Bartonholm Belazza. 15 month old blue roan bitch that I have admired from the ringside and wasnt disappointed to go over her. Super short and cobby with the prettiest of heads. Well made all through with correct shoulder placement. Well developed forechest and well sprung ribs. Short in loin and correct bend of stifle. Moved with drive. Pleased to give her BB & RBIS.
2-McCabe Bells Grandtully Eliza Doolittle. Beautiful black girl of 13 months. Sweetest of heads with gentle expression. Good angulation fore and aft with generous rib. Moved forward well. Unfortunate to come up against 1.
3-McManus' Briarhill Iolanthe.

Maiden Bitch
1-McManus' Briarhill Patience.12 month old blue roan with a kind face and eye. Short and cobby body with lots of bone. Moved well. Just carrying a little too much weight over shoulders.

1-Madigan, Fairburn and Nuttalls Carmelfair True Colours. 12 month old blue roan and tan. Well balanced head with sweet expression. Well laid shoulders and big barrel ribs. Good hind angulation and confident mover. Well presented.
2-Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Devine. Sweet black bitch of almost 12 months with good head proportions and kind dark eye. Well developed forechest and good shoulder placement. Good spring of rib and broad thighs. Lovely straight coat. Moved well.
3-Scotlands Lynlochan Ophelia.

Special Yearling Bitch
1-Duncans Kenwad Guchi Boo of Dunherl. 15 month old blue bitch. Well balanced head and kind eye. Good reach of neck with correct shoulder placement. Straight well boned legs and tight feet. Well presented and on the move.
2-Macfarlanes Lochranza One From the Heart. 22 month old black girl of larger construction than 1. Sweet head and expression. Well bone forelegs and correct hind angulation. Moved confidently with happy wagging tail. Well presented.

Graduate Bitch
1-Torbetts Kirlinjis Made You Stare. Dark blue roan bitch of 2 years. Short, square and cobby with a feminine balanced head. Excellent shoulder placement and good return of upperarm. Well boned legs and tight feet. Well sprung ribs. Good bend of stifle and width to thighs. Moved with drive. Well presented.
2-Bodzaks Kenan Korona. 3 year old black bitch with lovely head and expression. Built on bigger lines than 1. Lots of substance with good spring of rib. Moved and presented well.

Post Graduate Bitch
1-Torbetts Kirlinjis Dare to be Maid. 3 years of age blue roan. Gives a cobby, balanced outline. Feminine balanced head and gentle expression. Good reach of neck into strong well placed shoulders. Well developed forechest and generous ribs. Tight cat like feet. Moved with drive and well presented. Went on to RBB.
2-Xraids Della Fiumana Time to Rock. 3 year old blue roan. Great cobby build. Kind eye and expression. Correct angulation fore and aft with good ribs. Moved well. Unfortunately just losing topline when stacked.
3-Macfarlanes One from the Heart.

Limit Bitch
1-McManus' Misperros Silver Bell from Briarhill. 3 year old cobby blue girl with balanced head and kind eye. Strong forechest and correct angulation fore and aft with big ribs. Moved well.
2-Kennedys Wishuswell Sweet Dreams of Kenwad. 4 year old short bodied bitch with sweet head and good reach of neck leading in to well laid shoulders with good forechest. Correct bend of stifle. Unfortunately a little reluctant on the move in this class. Well presented.
3-Neathams Shoogsea Jessica Rabbit.

Open Bitch
1-Nuttalls Carmelfair Calabrianna. 4 year old short and cobby blue roan bitch with a good head and sweet expression. Well placed shoulders and generous forechest. Straight forelegs which are well boned and tight feet. Big ribs and correct angulation behind. Moved well.
2-McFarlanes Coleela Ariadne. 3 year old well presented black bitch. Slightly longer cast than 1. Sweet head. Well bodied and correct shoulder placement and stifle angulation. Moved with enthusiasm.
3-Neathams Shoogsea Peach Streisand.

Memorial Open Stakes
1-Nuttalls Carmelfair Calabrianna.
2-McManus' Misperros Silver Bell from Briarhill.

Special Award Classes
Judge: Liz Murray (Worlewood)

Special Awards Puppy (6,0)
1st NUTALL’S CARMELFAIR MA CHERIE OF ROSECOURT. Delightful blue roan bitch puppy full of promise and breed type, lovely head and expression, well developed all through with good legs and feet, moved soundly with correct Cockery action, presented in lovely coat and condition. Lovely puppy!
2nd FLOWER’S TOTENKOPF DANCING ON ICE.  Promising orange roan bitch well balanced all through presented in good coat and condition, moved soundly on good legs and feet preferred the head and expression on the winner.

Special Awards Graduate (6,0)
1st SMITH’S PEARKIM POKEMON AT LUANSHYA. Pleasing orange roan of good breed type, nice head and expressive eye, good neck and shoulder, lovely well boned legs and tight feet. Short coupled well ribbed body, well rounded quarters moved soundly and happily presented in lovely coat and condition.
2nd FLOWER’S TOTENKOPF DUTCH DEVINE. Sweet black girl unlucky to meet the above in such good form, good head eye and expression, lovely neck shoulder legs and feet, moved soundly with merriment, well presented.

Special Awards Open (5,3)
1st FLOWER’S TOTENKOPF DUTCH MAGICIAN JW. Mature black dog of lovely breed type, good head eye and expression, correct neck and shoulders, good bone, legs and feet, well balanced with correct body, well rounded quarters used effectively on the move, presented in good coat and condition.
2nd NUTTALL’S CARMELFAIR CALABRIANNA. Feminine blue roan bitch close up to the winner, lovely head and expression, well balanced all through presented in good coat and condition, sound purposeful mover.

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