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Show Critiques
Judges Critique
Mr Ian Hillier (Coedcernyw)

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for the invitation to Judge at this happy and well-run Show and the Exhibitors for the opportunity to handle such lovely dogs. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

Veteran Dog 4(1).  1. Flowers’ Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon. Upstanding Black Dog, pleasing head not overdone and with dark kind eye. Good neck and shoulders, compact, deep body and plenty of substance. Well-rounded quarters , good bend of stifle and short below the hock. In excellent coat and condition he moved out really well maintaining a firm topline. BVD & BVIS. 2. Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya. Blue roan dog of good type excelling in neck and shoulder placement. He has good depth of body, nicely rounded quarters and good bend of stifle. Not the movement of 1. 3. MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy.  
Minor Puppy Dog 2.  1. Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Spirit Maker.  Golden in most lovely coat and condition. He has a lovely, well-balanced head with good stop and kind, dark, tight eye. Correct neck and shoulder placement, straight front and well off for bone. Compact and deep in body, nicely rounded quarters for one so young and good bend of stifle. A sound and confident mover. BPD.  2. Lowery’s Wilmerella Snowstorm. Orange roan dog just 6 months and still raw. Good neck and shoulder placement, good rear angulation. Needs time.  
Puppy Dog  2.  1. Banks and Warrens  Whinburn King Arthur. Black Dog with lovely head and expression. Ample reach of neck and well angulated front and rear. Neat, catlike feet. Moved straight and true. Needs more body and a little more attention to the coat. Very promising I thought. 2. Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Spirit. Black dog built on bigger lines. Again a pleasing head and eye with good reach of neck. Good depth to body and well angulated to rear. Not as good on the move as1.  
Junior Dog 3 (1)  1. Todd & Rahman’s Glentree Tradition. Black dog with very pleasing head and tight, dark, expressive eye. Excellent neck and shoulder placement, correct width in front, well boned legs. Compact body with good spring of rib, well back. Width to quarters, good bend of stifle and short below the hock. Just the right amount of body and substance. He moved out really well maintaining a firm topline. Presented and handled to advantage. BD & BIS. 2.  Clelland’s Totenkopf Dutch Show Time. This dog has good neck and shoulder placement, ample bone and good tight feet. Good rear angulation. Moved soundly.  
Maiden Dog 1. 1. Banks & Warren’s Whinburn King Arthur.
Novice Dog. 0.   
Special Yearling Dog 4. 1. Adams’ Whinburn Night Owl. Black dog with good bone and substance. Very pleasing head with well-defined stop and a tight, dark eye. Ample reach of neck and a well-laid shoulder. Deep in body and good spring of rib. Rounded quarters with good rear angulation and short below the hock. Correct set on of tail. Moved soundly and happily with good tail action. Beautifully presented. RBD & RBIS. 2. Banks & Warren’s Whinburn King Arthur. 3. Clelland’s Totenkopf Dutch Show Time.
Undergraduate Dog  4.  Devine’s Devmont Definitely Maybe Light Blue Dog in full coat. A nicely balanced head, moderate reach of neck and good shoulder placement. Elbows tight. He has good depth of body, is strong across the loin and is well-angulated at the rear. Correct tail set. He can be a bit of a handful on the move but is sound with ground-covering action. 2. Clelland’s Totenkopf Dutch Show Time.  3. Bell & McCabe’s Grandtully Aarto.  
Graduate Dog. 2.  1. Clelland’s Totenkopf Dutch Show Time. 2. Hynd’s Scomar Magic Flute. Compact Black & White with gentle, dark, tight eye. Well off for bone he moved very soundly with an ever-wagging tail.
Postgraduate Dog. 4.  1. Kennedy & Waddington’s Winter Dance of Kenwad. Orange roan, not the biggest but of such lovely type. Balanced head with soft expression. Super front assembly and with lovely, correct bone. Well-developed rib and deep in body. Short across the loin with very good tailset. Good rear angulation. So sound on the move. Could carry a little more body to advantage. 2. Scotland’s Indigo Sun. Blue dog built on larger lines. Pleasing head. Again very good neck and shoulder placement. Good rear angulation. He demonstrated a sound and merry movement with good animation. 3. Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Magician.  
Limit Dog 4 (1)  Kennedy & Waddington’s Lynwater Daydream of Kenwad. Blue dog with balanced head and good expression.  Reachy neck into well laid shoulders. Compact deep body. Good rear angulation. Moved soundly and happily. 2. MacLean’s Lynwater Spun Yarn Orange dog with pleasing head and good neck and shoulders. Depth to body and a good spring of rib. Good bone and quarters. Not the movement or topline of 1.
Open Dog 4 (1).  1. Williams’ Gallinagos Gold Finger. Golden dog put down in good order. Pleasing head with defined stop, tight dark eye and gently moulded skull. Ample reach of neck, well boned legs and neat feet. Well sprung rib, short over the loin with wide rounded quarters.  Moved soundly with good animation. 2. Lowery’s Bartonholm Blended Blues. Blue roan dog with balanced head, good bone and front assembly. Deep in body, well ribbed and rounded quarters. Not giving of his best on the move. 3. Rodger’s Pembrokegate Dandy Lad.

Veteran Bitch 2 (1).   1. MacFarlane’s Lochranza Cordelia. Lovely type black bitch, feminine with typical head and tight, dark expressive eye. Good neck and shoulders, correct front. Compact body and well angulated at the rear. Moved soundly and happily. BVB
Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (2). Clelland’s Totenkopf Dutch Debonair. Well developed Golden with balanced head and soft expression. Good neck and shoulder placement. Plenty of bone and substance. Good depth and spring of rib. Nicely rounded quarters with good bend of stifle and short below the hock. A little uncertain on the move but did enough. 2. Lavalette’s Dreamist Forever Rose. Blue Roan & Tan bitch, very much a baby but lot’s to like. Moved very soundly. Just needs time.
Puppy Bitch 5.  1. Harrison’s Lourisma Carousel. Feminine 9 months old Dark Blue bitch with most attractive head and eye. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. She is compact in body with wide quarters and is well let down behind. Moved soundly and happily. RBB 2. Sutton’s Shirepark Secret Spell. Built on slightly larger lines yet combining good bone and substance with femininity. Wide, well rounded quarters and correct tailset. Moving soundly. 3. Rodger’s Kenwad Black Opium at Ravensgreen.
Junior Bitch 2.  1. MacLean’s Lynshow Diamond. Light Blue bitch with good front and angulation. She presents a compact outline is well-ribbed and short over the loin. Correct tailset. Moved soundly.  2. Robertson & Rahman’s Zheridons China Chi. I actually preferred the head on this Dark Blue bitch and she is nicely angulated front and rear. Longer cast than my winner though and not quite so good on the move.
Maiden Bitch 2.  1. Scotland’s Lynlochan Classic Moment. Precocious Blue Roan and Tan bitch with substance. Appealing head and eye, she excels in neck and shoulder placement with good length and return of upper arm. Best of legs and feet and correct width. Deep in body with wide, well-rounded quarters and good width to second thigh. Nicely angulated at the rear and correct tailset. Very sound on the move with a lovely busy, bustling action and a tail that never stopped wagging. BB & BPIS. 2. Sutton’s Cassom Va Va Voom at Shirepark. Orange Roan built on slightly larger lines. Balanced head. Good neck and shoulders, correct front with strong bone and neat feet. Good ribs and quarters. Carrying too much weight which affected rear movement.
Novice Bitch 2.  1. Robertson’s Zheridons China Blue Light Blue bitch with particularly pleasing head and eye. Good width in front and plenty of bone. Rounded quarters and well let down behind. Reluctant on the move but did enough to satisfy me of her soundness.2. Scotland’s Lynlochan Breaking Dawn. Orange Roan bitch giving a lot away in maturity. Appealing head. Good width to front and lovely legs and feet. Ribs still developing. Would have liked a little more rear angulation.Moved happily.  
Special Yearling Bitch 2. 1. MacLean’s Lynwater Clotted Cream. Orange Roan bitch with lovely head and eye giving good expression. Another good front assembly here with enough width and correct bone. She is short and deep in body with good width over the loin. Moved soundly and happily maintaining her square outline and firm topline.  2. Craig’s Rancecraig Rock and Roll. Heavier built Dark Blue bitch and carrying too much weight. Typical head and eye. Not the front of 1. Rounded quarters and well angulated at the rear. Unhappy on the move.
Undergraduate Bitch. 1 (Abs.)   
Graduate Bitch 2 (1).  1. MacLean’s Lynwater Petunia. Light Orange Roan bitch, compact in outline. Typical head with tight, dark eye and gentle expression. Well laid shoulders, correct front and good legs and feet. Deep, well-ribbed body, wide, well-rounded quarters and correct tailset. Movement straight and true. Considered for top honours.  
Postgraduate Bitch.2 (1)  MacFarlane’s Cooleela Ariadne. Black bitch with balanced head and kind expression. Good legs and feet. Width to rear and with good bend of stifle. Happy on the move.  
Limit Bitch 0.   
Open Bitch 2 (Abs.)  

Special Beginners 2.  1. Zheridon’s China Blue. 2. Cooleela Ariadne.


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