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Show Critiques

Judges Critique
19th March 2011
Miss Frances Bowman (Franaille)

I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge their March open show. I was made to feel most welcome and the hospitality was second to none. I would also like to thank my stewards who did a very efficient job on the day, the exhibitors for a quality entry and for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner and applauding every class. It made for a really pleasant atmosphere. Thank you all.

Class 1 – MPD (2)
1.     Todd’s Lynwater Storm Petrel 7 months golden. Appealing head and dark, tight eye. Moderate length of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Plenty of bone and firm, thickly padded feet. Short body. Nicely rounded quarters. Moved with typical cocker bustle.
2.     McGowan’s Dovehill Black Batchelor 6 months black. Very raw baby, but starting to come together. A little apprehensive on the table but moved well once settled. Has plenty of time on his side.

Class 2 – PD (2)
1.     Smiths Craigdean Callimakokr 10 months blue. Lovely make and shape. Masculine head and gentle expression. Good reach of neck, deep chest and good spring of rib. Plenty of bone and substance. In lovely condition. Moved well ad true, but just lacked animation in the challenge for Best puppy dog.
2.     Woods Balgair Babylon 10 months orange. Presented a nice overall picture with many pleasing attributes. Unsettled both stacked and on the move which lost him the class.

Class 3 – JD Solid colours (1)
1.     Flowers Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragon JW 15 months black. Masculine head, dark eyes and nice expression. Stood on good legs and tight feet. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Short body, nicely angulated, muscular rear quarters. Moved well but slightly proud of his tail.

Class 4 – JD AOC (1)
1.     Ewan’s Craigdean Hannibal Fletcher Loved this orange. Super head and expression. Presented a balanced picture. In lovely hard condition. Took time to settle on the move, but showed good front extension when settled. Considered him for Reserve Best dog, but gave it away on maturity.

Class 5 – YD (2)
1.     Masons Laveris Konrad at Lynshow 23 months black dog. Nice overall shape. Excellent body and bone. Low set ear. Good angles front and rear. Moved well.
2.     Moncrieff’s Mondale Manhattan 22 months blue. Smaller type than winner, but presented a pleasing outline. Moved OK.

Class 6 – ND Solid (0)

Class 7 – ND AOC (0)

Class 8 – GD
1.     MacLean’s Lynwater Blue Thunder 20 months blue. Liked his overall make and shape. Masculine head and kind, dark eye. Merry, positive action on the move. Would have liked a shade more of him throughout, but a worthy winner nonetheless.
2.     Hynds Scomar Interceptor Nice overall shape but seemed a little apprehensive. Good head and eye. Moderate length of neck. Moved well once settled.
3.     MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy

Class 9 - PGD (2)
1.     Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon JW Strong golden in beautiful coat and condition. Lovely head and pleasing expression. Good depth of chest. Excellent spring of rib, plenty of substance and bone. Moved with drive and purpose.
2.     Hynds Scomar Interceptor  (repeat)
Class 10 – Limit Dog (5)
1.     Todd’s Chataway Gilroy This dog is one I have previously admired but never had the opportunity to handle. He certainly did not disappoint. Best of heads with gentle expression and kind, dark, tight eyes. Good reach of neck, leading to well laid shoulder. Good reach of upperarm which showed good extension on the move. Deep chest well sprung ribs, short loin. His excellent front angulation was matched at the rear. In excellent coat and hard condition. Moved with animation and drive from powerful, muscular rear quarters.
BD and BIS.
2.     Kennedys Tipperlin Torchwood Loved this orange dog. Nicely balanced throughout and nothing exaggerated. Took time to settle on the move.
3.     Williamsons Rhustons Evermore with Budminteal

Class 11 – OD (3)
1.     Howsleys Broanglen Circle of Life at Wishuswell Almost 5 years old. In good overall condition, with nice head and expression. Moved well.
2.     Davison’s Belltrees Another Blue Smaller type than winner. Moved well.
3.     Hynds Scomar Interceptor

Class 12 – MPB (6)
1.     MacLean’s Lynwater Rose Finch Litter sister to winner of MPD. Lovely red. Excellent construction. Beautiful head and expression. Lovely neck and well placed shoulders. Good body and bone. Presented in excellent order. Positive and merry on the move.
2.     Findlay’s Daltonare Dolly Daydream  Delightful 6 months blue baby. Super outline and lovely proportions. Moved really well, winner just had the edge on the day.
3.     Masons Lynwater Reed Warbler
Class 13 – PB (5)
1.     Duncan’s Bartonholm Spell Spinner Stunning Orange roan of 9 months. Beautiful head and lovely soft expression. Excellent reach of neck and lovely lay back of shoulder. Body developing nicely. Good angles front and back. Moved with powerful driving action and showed off the typical merry cocker with her ever wagging tail.
2.     Ewan’s Craigdean Kokrdoodle do Lovely blue with super outline. Lovely neat, tight feet. Well off for body and bone. In beautiful coat and condition. Moved well, just not as positive as winner.
3.     Flowers Totenkopf Milky Way

Class 14 – JB Solid Colours (1)
1.     Flowers Totenkopf Phanessa 16 months black. Lovely outline. Sweet, feminine head. Dark eyes and kind expression. Good depth of chest. Short coupled. Moved with drive.

Class 15 – JB AOC (6)
1.     Kennedy’s Tipperlin Ginger Schnapps Beautiful O/R. Stood square and was balanced throughout. Pretty head, good reach of neck and well placed shoulder. Short back and good spring of rib. Well angulated, muscular quarters which she used to drive around the ring with a merry action.
2.     MacLean’s Lynwater Truffle Delight Super L/R. Short and cobby. Pretty head. Stood on good legs and feet. Moved with purpose and drive.
3.     Ewan’s Craigdean Ailsakokr

Class 16 – YB (7)
1.     MacLean’s Lynwater Snow Grouse Litter sister to 2nd in previous class and much the same remarks apply. Very well balanced throughout. Moved with a positive drive from muscular quarters.
2.     Flowers Totenkopf Phanessa (repeat)
3.     Bradford’s Vistwin Kiss Me Quick

Class 17 – NB Solid colours (0)

Class 18 – NB AOC (6)
1.     MacLean’s Lynwater Time Traveller 14 months B/R. Honest type with nothing exaggerated. Moved well.
2.     Kennedys Tipperlin Pickled Lily Just out of puppy. Presented a nice overall picture. Not as positive on the move as winner.
3.     Craig’s Rancecraig Brief Encounter

Class 19 – GB (4)
1.     Flowers Totenkopf Phanessa  (repeat)
2.     Fairbairn’s Carmelfair Silver Bangle Lovely blue with pleasing head and dark eyes. God body and bone. Moved well.
3.     MacFarlane’s Lochranza Madame Cholet

Class 20 – PGB (5)
1.     Kennedys Tipperlin What Katy Did Balanced and square B/R. Lovely head and eye. Short back. Good angulation front and rear. Moved out well.
2.     Bodzaks Kenan Summer Solstice Pleasing golden. Overall shape was nice. Would benefit from carrying a little less weight. Moved well.
3.     Grays Shadowview Seabreeze

Class 21 – LB (4)
1.     MacLean’s Lynwater Black Tern Beautiful black with pleasing general outline. Stood square on good legs and feet. Feminine head with dark, tight eye. Moderate reach of neck. Good spring of rib. Nice rear angulation. Used her quarters well to drive around the ring. Later found out she was the mother of both my MPD and MPB class winners.
2.     Fairbairn’s Rosecourt Royal Star Very exuberant blue. Pleasing appearance. Balanced throughout with lovely body and bone. Moved well.
3.     Neatham and Gribbins Lynwater Sea Dream
Class 22  - OB (6)
1.     Masons Lynshow Sineubhar 5 yr old black. Pretty head, short body. Good angulation front and rear. Positive on the move.
2.     Adams Whinburn Whispering Dreams Sh.CM Lovely bitch, also 5 yrs old. Sweet head and expression. Just preferred compactness of winner.
3.      Browns Javal Songbird

Class 23 – VD (1)
1.     Masons Sh Ch Ir Sh Ch Lynshow Kraigwitha – K Sh.CM 9 years black in excellent form for his age. Excellent body and bone. Lovely masculine head with gentle expression. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Well muscled throughout. Moved with enthusiasm and drive, not showing his age at all!
RBD and BV

Class 24 – VB (1)
1.     Bodzaks Briconess Mercury Rising 9 years golden in excellent coat and condition. Moved with drive. Well presented.

Class 25 – SB (3)
1.     Bradford’s Vistwin Kiss me Quick Nicely presented black with good head and expression. Moved well.
2.     MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy Merry B/T. Moved well, in nice condition.
3.     MacDonald’s Wishuswell Echo Springs

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