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Show Critiques

Judges Critique
3rd. September 2011
Miss A. Nugent  (Nulea)

Thank you to your committee for making us feel so welcome, and the exibitors for giving me the chance to go over so many lovely dogs.

Class 1 Veteran Dog-2
1st Hynd’s Come Fly with me at Scomar  Black and White 10 year old Very masculine dog with good bone nice head correct bite, level top line , correct tail set, moved well.
2nd Davidson’s Linnington Artful Dodger Blue of good size and proportion, nice tight feet, moved well.
Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog – 2 (1 abs)
1st Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Courage Nice solid liver lovely shape and size nice tight eye, correct bite, nice feet, moved well true cocker type.
Class 3 Puppy Dog – 4
1st Rodgers Pembrokegate Dandy Lad Black dog nice square shape and good size, Sweet head, kind eye, lovely neck and shoulders, level top line both stood and on the move, nice tight feet, sound on the move with a true merry cocker action, well presented
Best Puppy Dog.
2nd Howsley’s Wishuswell Soldier on Light Blue smaller made than one but still good overall shape all in proportion, good head neck and shoulders, level topline correct tail set, moved well.
3rd McCaffery’s Teazellily Nobodys Fool
 Class 4 Junior Dog – 3
1st Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr Blue dog lovely head and expression, nice dark eye good stop, nice neck and shoulders, very well presented, good rib, square shape moved well with good tail action.
2nd Pollock’s Claramand Black Grouce at Thurness Black, slighter build than 1, excellent neck and shoulders, level top line on the move and when stood nice square shape, correct bite, moved well.
3rd McGowans Dovehill Black Batchelor.
 Class 5 Maiden Dog – 2 (1 abs)
1st McCaffery’s Teazellily Nobodys Fool Handsome dog with kind eye, Good overall shape and size, moved well, good tail set.
Class 6 Novice Dog – 1
1st Brown Todd & McCormack Lynwater Storm Petrel Gold Dog Lovely head and expression, correct bite, fab neck and shoulders, good ribs short back, level top line, nice tight small feet, good quarters, sound movement.
Class 7 Special Yearling Dog – 2
1st Ewan’s Craigdean Hanibel Fletcher Orange roan I have admired from the ring side on numerous occasions, lived up to my expectations, Nice expression, good neck and shoulders, level top line both stood and on the move, very well presented, good ribs and quarters, good tail action, played handler up a bit on the move.
Reserve best dog.
2nd McGowan’s Dovehill Black Batchelor. Good overall shape and size nice head and expression.
Class 8 Undergraduate Dog –2 (1 abs)
1st Mason, Clubb & Mason Laveris Konrad at Lynshow Black dog Good bone, good depth of body and balance, pleasing head, moved well, nice tail set.
Class 9 Graduate Dog – 4 (2 abs)
1st Murray’s Strathturret Moonwalker Dark Blue Nice shape and size, Good upper forearm, lovely tight eye, nice neck and shoulders, level topline moved with purpose, good tail action.
2nd Hynd’s Scomar Interceptor Nice shape and size, lighter build than 1 moved OK.
Class 10 Post Graduate Dog – 5 (2 abs)
1st Bradford’s Vistwin Valhalla Black compact dog ,excellent neck and shoulders, good spring of ribs and depth of body, moved well.
2nd Hynd’s Scomar Interceptor.
3rd Mason’s Lynshow Touch of Frost.
Class 11 Limit Dog – 4
1st Kennedy’s Tipperlin Tourchwood Orange roan Lovely head most appealing expression, nice tight feet, good neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs, short back, level top line moved well, good tail action.
2nd Mason Clubb & Mason’s Lynwater Red Kite Red of nice rich colour, good head and expression, nice overall shape, moved well.
3rd Hynd’s Scomar Interceptor.
Class 12 Open Dog – 7 (4 abs)
1st Brown Todd & McCormack’s Chataway Gilroy Black another dog I have admired from the ring side, quality dog, excellent upper arm, well boned, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, level top line, good bend of stifle, moved out well,
Best Dog and Best in Show.
2nd Christie’s Tvaeraa Kings Ransom Blue dog different in type than 1, nice shape and size, lovely coat and condition moved well.
3rd Davidson’s Belltrees Another Blue.
Class 13 Veteran Bitch – 2
1st Craig’s Rancecraig Party Popper Blue Just my type nice steel blue, good square shape, short compact body, sweet expression, tiny feet well presented, moved well,
Best veteran.
2nd Murray’s Sirrah Sassenach at Strathturret Dark Blue , nice shape and size, sweet expression, really enjoying her day out tail never stopped wagging, movement not as free as 1.
Class 14 Minor Puppy Bitch – 6 (4 abs)
1st Mason’s Lynshow I’m no Angel Solid of good shape and size, moved well needs time to mature proper baby with melting expression.
2nd Madigan’s Misperros Mystical Light blue, nice front, good shape, well presented, moved well.
Class 15 Puppy bitch – 4 (1 abs)
1st Bodzak Briconess Summer Breeze Gold Balanced head, straight front, neat feet, excellent neck and shoulders level top line, moved well, A1 presentation.
Best Puppy bitch, Best puppy in Show.
2nd Robertson’s Lynshow Suzume at Zheridons Blue nice head and dark eye, good overall shape and outline moved OK.
3rd Howsley’s Wishuswell Fields of Dreams.
Class 16 Junior Bitch – 5 (2 abs)
1st Ewan`s Craigdean Kokedoodle Do Lovely type, quality head and eye, very good shoulder layback, good ribs and nice quarters, moved with attitude A1 presentation.
Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd McCabe/McGregor’s Lujesa Goldikova at Grandtully lovely feminine red bitch, excellent make and shape, pleasing front, moved well shame she has lost some coat.
3rd Howsley’s Totenkopf Day Dreamer.
Class 17 Maiden Bitch – 2 (1 abs)
1st McCaffery’s Lindrha Dawn Delight Blue bitch up to size nice overall shape good tailset, nice quarters, moved well.
Class 18 Novice Bitch – 5 (3 abs)
1st Bodzak Briconess Winter Eclipse Black and tan nice rich tan colour, lovely oveall shape and out line good level top line nice ribs and short back, played up on the move.
2nd McCaffery’s Lindrha Dawn Delight
Class 19 Special yearling Bitch – 7 (4 abs)
1st Craig’s Rancecraig Brief Encounter Blue Roan Lovely square outline, good front Sweetest of heads, correct bite, good length of neck onto well placed shoulders, good rib,moved well lovely presentation.
2nd Kennedy’s Tipperlin Ginger Schnapps Orange roan, lovely shape and size, good forearm, nice front, pretty head,well placed shoulders, good rib, short back moved well.
3rd Murray’s Strathturret Wildest Dream.
Class 20 Undergraduate Bitch – 2
1st Bodzak’s Whinburn win me over Light Blue, pretty head nice eye, correct bite, good shoulder placement, nice feet, moved well.
2nd Murray’s Strathturret Bossy Boots Dark Blue Nice shape and size, good front, feminine head kind eye, not as settled on the move as 1, lacking some skirt.
Class 21 Graduate Bitch – 6 (4 abs)
1st Bradford’s Vistwin Kiss me Quick Black Pretty head of sound construction, in good body and coat, well presented, moved well strong quarters.
2nd Murray’s Strathturret Boogie Woogie Dark blue Correctly proportioned, nice kind eye, correct bite, good feet well boned, moved Ok well presented.
Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch – 4 (2 abs)
1st Fairbairn’s Carmelfair Silver Bangle  Blue roan Pleasing head, good front, head neck and shoulders, well of for bone, good rib and rear angulation moved well.
2nd Bodzak’s Kenan Summer Solstice Gold all same attributes as 1st little heavy on the shoulders.
Class 23 Limit Bitch – 4 (2 abs)
1st Kennedy’s Tipperlin What Katy Did Pretty blue of good type, gentle expression, well set shoulders, deep chest, well developed ribs, good top line both stood and on the move, well presented.
2nd Pollock’s Thurness Beautiful Dreams  Black in gleaming condition, lovely head and expression, good outline, moved OK good tail action
Class 24 Open  Bitch – 6 (1 Abs)
1st Adam’s Whinburn Whispering Dreams SH CM Solid compact black of quality type, nice head and eye, excellent rib and body, moved well on loose lead, presentation A1,
Reserve Best Bitch
2ns Mason’s Lynshow Sineubhar  Pretty black bitch, sweet expression, sweet head, nice front and body good square shape moved well splitting hairs with 1st.
3rd Fairbairn Rosecourt Royal Star
Class 25 Special Beginners –3
1st Howsley’s Wishuswell Soldier on
2nd Bradford’s Vistwin Kiss me Quick
3rd Madigan’s Misperros Mystical
Class 26  Val Smith’s Memorial Stakes Open
1st Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr
2nd Bradford’s Vistwin Valhalla
3rd Craig’s Rancecraig Party Pooper

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