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Judges Critique
Paula Whitham  (Arrifana)

East of Scotland Cocker Spaniel Club – 16th March 2013
 I would like to thank the committee and exhibitors for welcoming me, at this well supported show. The standard of the cockers, I judged was exceptional in both dogs and bitches.
Veteran Dog  (2)
Smith`s Craigdean Franks a Million at Luanshya. Handsome B/R, plenty of bone and substance, nicely angulated throughout, deep well sprung ribs, moved with drive, shown in beautiful coat and condition, and very deservingly BVIS
Hynd’s Come Fly With Me At Scomar.  At 12 years young compact B/W, still showing with enjoyment, pleasing head and eye, ample length to neck, depth to ribs, a credit to his owner.
Minor Puppy Dog  (3)
Kennedy`s Tipperlin Tumbling Dice. Balanced B/R, pleasing head and dark expressive eyes, nicely angulated well presented, confident on the move, keeping level topline.
Retson`s Kirkewan Mr. Grumpy. Cobbly B/R, handsome lad, with kind dark eye, good length of neck into shoulders, ribs well sprung, width to forechest.
McLelland`s Lynshow Midnight Majestic at Ryanside

Puppy Dog  (3)
MacLean’s  Lynwater Wild Mint.  Balanced blue, pleasing head, good stop, dark tight eyes, ample neck length, clean throat, width to forechest, confident driving movement, well handled and presented.  BPD

Mason, Clubb & Mason`s Lynshow Gin Rocket. Handsome gold, good pigment, ample neck length into well placed shoulders, depth to rib, nicely handled and presented.
Flower`s Heaven sent of Merryily.
Junior Dog  (3,1)
Ewan`s Craigdean Rocket Man. Masculine dark blue, very balanced throughout, lots of bone, width to forechest, depth to ribs, beautifully presented, thick neatly padded feet, moved with drive and confidence.
McLelland`s Ryanside Sultan Swing. pleasing O/R, good bone and substance, depth and spring to rib, nicely handled and presented.
Maiden Dog  (4,1)
Maclean`s Lynwater Summer Solstice. pleasing B/R, pup, tight dark eyes, good stop, balanced throughout, short coupled, moved with drive, making good use of his tail, keeping firm topline.
Retson`s Kirkewan Mr. Grumpy.
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Tropical Storm
Novice Dog  (1)
Mason, Clubb and Mason`s Lynwater Home Spun. B/R, carries his tail well, covering ground, depth to rib, short coupled shown in beautiful coat.
Special Yearling Dog  (2)
Brown, Todd, McCormack and Brown`s Craigdean Handy Andy. very balanced B/R, Short muzzle stop, with that look of excitement in his eyes, lovely length of neck into shoulders, short over loin, deep well sprung ribs, well handled and presented, moved with drive keeping strong firm topline.
MacFarlane`s Lochranza Lord of the Isles. lovely dark tight eyes, good pigment, giving him that kind expressive look, shown in beautiful silky coat, moved well keeping firm topline.
Undergraduate Dog  (5)
Kennedy`s Tipperlin Blue Tange. B/R/Tan, short muzzled, wirh width to foreface, stop, dark tight eyes, masculine, without being course, a pleasure to go over, nicely placed shoulder width to forechest, depth and spring to ribs, short coupled, width to upper thigh, short below hock, good bend of stifle, stood on well boned legs with neatly padded feet, moved well with no exaggeration, keeping firm level topline, shown in beautifully presented coat, it was a pleasure to award him BD & BIS

Torbett`s Kirlinjis Dare to Stare. D/B, very balanced, masculine head, good length of neck in nicely laid back shoulders, depth to rib, short coupled, well presented, moved with drive.
Pollock`s Claramand Black Grouse at Thurness
Graduate Dog  (2)
MacFarlane`s Cooleela Rob Roy. balanced B/Tan, pleasing head, good rich tan markings, ample length to neck, width to forechest, deep ribs, happy moving boy, firm topline.
Hynd’s Scomar Interceptor.  nicely presented B/R, kind expressive head and eye, depth to ribs, moved well, covering the ground.
Post Graduate Dog  (4)
Flower`s Totenkopt Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon. Blk, appealing head of good proportions, excells in length to neck, width and lay back to shoulders, deep sprung ribs, short coupled, plenty of bone without giving the appearance of being heavy, moved well, from every angle, carried his tail a tad, but can forgive him that, well handled and first class presentation. RBD

Smith`s Craigdean Callimakoka at Luanshya. B/R, good length to neck, bone and substance, rear angulation, short let down hocks, well presented.
Mason`s Lynshow Touch of Frost.
Limit Dog  (4)
Flower`s Totenkopt Dutch Dabloon. handsome gold, i have judged before, masculine head, good pigment, ample neck length, strong well placed shoulder depth to forechest and ribs, lovely angulation throughout, moved with drive, well presented.
Brown, Todd, McCormack and Brown`s Lynwater Storm Petrel. another pleasing gold, more compact in type than winner, good length to neck into shoulders, short over loin, width to front, well handled and presented.
Ewan`s Craigdean Hanibel Fletcher.
Open Dog  (5,4)
Madigan & Fairbairn`s Port & GB CH Gessa D`Aran Papparazzi (Imp Spa) cobby dark B/R, pleasing head and eye, short square muzzle, ample length to neck, width to forechest, nicely angulated front and rear, moved with drive, good outline, beautifully presented.
Veteran Bitch  (4,1)
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Ghostly Glow. lovely class of veteran girls, surprised to see my first two placings are litter sisters, still enjoying there showing, and in tiptop condition, Feminine B/R, balanced throughout, depth to rib, free moving happy cocker, nicely handled and presented.
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Ghosts and Gouls. again free moving happy B/R, good muscle tone, much the same as the winner, balanced throughout.
Craig`s Rancecraig Party Popper.
Minor Puppy Bitch  (4)
Maclean`s Lynwater butter Fudge. not the biggest puppy here, but this L/R stole my heart, sweet head of nice proportions, good eye colour, ample length to neck, short over loin, width to upper thigh, deep ribbed, plenty of bone, without heaviness, very sound moving confident showgirl, turned out in her best puppy jacket, well handled, pleased to award her BPB & BPIS.

Kennedy`s Tipperlin Morning Glory. pleasing O/R, dark eyes and pigment, good overall balance, short coupled, deep ribs, shown in beautful coat, neat thickly padded feet, confident on the move, covering ground well.
May`s Lynshow Dancing with Hope.
Puppy Bitch  (6,1)
Flower`s Totenkopt Dutch Gold Lace. short square muzzle, good stop, width to foreface, beautiful expression you would expect from a gold, excells in length to neck, nicely laid back shoulders, moved with drive, beautifully presented.
Moncrieff`s Mondale Living the Dream. beautifully presented O/W, pleasing head and expression, short cobby, nicely sprung ribs, moved well.
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Tropical Crush.
Junior Bitch  (3)
Flower`s Molkara Monkey Business. well presented Blk of good construction, gorgeous expressive head, short coupled, well sprung deep ribs, moved well.
Madigan`s Carmelfair Islay Del Misperros. well balanced B/R, pleasing nicely proportioned head, ample length to neck, moved with confidence, driving from behind.
Blazejczak`s Ewingston Blue Lollipop.
Maiden Bitch (3,1)
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Tickled Pink. cobby O/R, puppy, beautiful head and kind dark eye, width to forechest, happy bustling movement.
Maclean`s Lynwater Summer Frost. B/W longer cast than winner, feminine throughout, another nice moving puppy.
Novice Bitch  (2,1)
Torbett`s Kirlinjis Tropical Crush. balanced O/R pup, pleasing head and expression, ample length to neck, moved with more confidence in this class, well handled.
Special Yearling Bitch  (3,1)
Todd`s Doubtless No Limit. eyecatching Blk that did not disappoint on going over, soft melting expressive head, excells in length of neck, and clean throat, width to forechest, depth to rib, bone, short coupled, moved with drive, beautifully presented, BB, RBIS
Maclean`s Hawian Orchid. Findlay’s Daltonaire Dolly Daydream.  Close up to one with many similar attributes.  Square and balanced.  Ribs well spread and width to hindquarters.  Short below hocks.  A powerhouse on the moved.  Liked her enormously.
Gray’s Shadowview Look At Me.
Undergraduate Bitch  (7,2)
Howsley`s Totenkopt Day Dreamer at Wishuswell. pleasing Blk with melting expression, very balanced, good length to neck, plenty of bone, and firm muscle tone, driving movement, keeping topline, well presented.
McCabe and McGregor`s Lujesa Goldikova at Grandtully. sweet headed cobby gold, nicely sprung ribs, short coupled, moved true and happy, well handlrd.
MacFarlane`s Lochranza Cordelia.
Graduate Bitch  (2)
Bodzak`s Briconess Summer Breeze. balanced golden, lovely melting expression, ample length to neck, shoulders laid back, short over loin, rounded rear quarters width to upper thigh, moved with confidence, strong firm topline, shown in beautiful coat.
Blazejczak`s Ewingston Blue Lollipop. dark B/R, kind expressive head, well sprung ribs, nicely handled, happy sound moving.
Post Graduate Bitch  (4,2)
1.      Craig`s Rancecraig Brief Encounter. well made B/R, pleasing expressive head, width to forechest, lovely driving movement.
2.      Retson`s Bencleuch Blue Opal. short cobby blue, defined stop, good overall head shape, deep well sprung ribs, carried a little to much weight over her shoulders, which reflected in her movement.
Limit Bitch (3)
1.      Flower`s Totenkopt Phanessa. another balanced Blk for this kennel, beautiful head kind dark eyes, nicely placed shoulders, well sprung ribs, stood on neatly padded feet, good presentation.
2.      Pollock`s Thurness Amber Dreams. very pretty gold, dark pigment and eye giving that soft expression, ample length to neck, nicely sprung ribs, bone and width to upper thigh, width to forechest, moved well.
3.      Gray`s Shadowview Seabreeze.
Open Bitch  (3,1)
1.      Fairbairn’s Carmelfair Silver Bangle. elegant B/R, appealing head and eye, defined stop, bone and substance without being heavy, depth and spring to ribs, short coupled, positive driving movement, firm topline. RBB
2.      Neatham and Gribbin`s Lynwater Sea Dream. sweet headed balanced blue, depth to rib, short coupled, nice movement.
Special Beginners (3,1)
1.      Torbett`s Kirlinjis Tickled Pink.
2.      Torbett`s Kirlinjis Ghost N Gouls.
VAL SMITH Memorial Open Stakes  (6)
1.      Torbett`s Kirlinjis Dare to Stare.
2.      Ewan`s Craigdean Rocket Man.
3.      Howsley`s Totenkopt Day Dreamer at Wishuswell.

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