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Show Critiques

Judges Critique
17th March 2012
Bea Robertson  (Kastrian)

East of Scotland Cocker Spaniel Club held an Open Show where BIS was Shanaz Thistle, RBIS Carmelfair Silver Bangle, BOS Totenkopf Dutch Courage, BV Rancecraig Party Popper and BPIS Carlundie’s Wispa.
Veteran Dog  (2)
Hynd’s Come Fly With Me At Scomar.  10 years old black ‘n’ white in good condition.  Pleasing amount of substance.  Impressive bend of stifle and tight feet.  Well turned out coat enhanced by clean markings.  Moved steadily.
Davidson’s Linnington Artful Dodger.  Really sweet 10 years old gentleman.  Looked a balanced picture.  Just seemed a little tired on the move
Puppy Dog  (3)
MacLean’s  Lynwater Sticky Moment.  Superb blue of 10 months.  Loved his make and shape.  Clean outline.  Balanced head with plenty of flew.  Well angulated both ends.  Tidy feet.  .Muscletone spot on including second thigh.  Moved with style.  
MacFarlane’s Lochranza Lord Of The Isles.  9 months gold in gleaming coat with deep pigmentation.  Very well presented.  Melting expression.  Good bend of stifle and well set on tail.  Not as closely coupled as one.  Moved with animation.
McDermott’s Belltrees Charlie Cool.
Junior Dog  (3)
Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Courage.  This 13 months dog looked stunning in profile.  Typical cocker head with defined stop and well set on ears.  Excellent reach of neck into fine sloping shoulders.  Good return of upper arm.  Ribs well spread.  Well angulated at rear.  Neat feet.  Moved with verve in his class.  Liked him such a lot.
BD and BOS.
Rodger’s Pembrokegate Dandy Lad.  Honest black of 17 months.  Good condition but perhaps carrying a tad too much weight after winter.  A balanced example who moved out with drive.
Howsley’s Totenkopf Pure Indulgence At Wishuswell.
Maiden Dog  (4,1)
Rodger’s P. Dandy Lad.
MacLean’s Lynwater Stargazer.  9 months light blue who was well bodied up.  Very shapely with good reach of neck.  Closely coupled.  Lots to like.  Just needs to tighten in front.  Good attitude on the move.
MacFarlane’s L. Lord Of The Isles.
Novice Dog  (2,1)
MacFarlane’s L. Lord Of The Isles.
Special Yearling Dog  (5,2)
Flowers’ T. Dutch Courage.
Smith’s Craigdean Callimakokr.  23 months blue who flowed from nose to tail.  Excellent condition with fantastic muscletone.  Very solid but with no hint of fatness.  Good angulation both ends and pleasing middlepiece.  Care taken over presentaion.  Moved really well.  Unlucky to meet one.
Pollock’s Claramand Black Grouce At Thurness.
Undergraduate Dog  (3)
Flowers’ T. Dutch Courage.
Brown, Todd & McCormack’s Lynwater Storm Petrel.  Beautiful gold of 19 months.  Square and spot on for height to length ratio.  A pleasure to go over.  Very well muscled as were all this exhibitor’s cockers.  Thickly padded feet and short below hocks.  Super broad beam.  Moved true.
MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy.
Graduate Dog  (4)
Flowers’ Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon JW.  2 years old black with pleasing outline.  Stood four square.  Good square muzzle.  Fine, sloping shoulders and adequate return of upper arm.  Short below hocks.  Well presented.  Propelled himself around the ring with flair.
Hynd’s Scomar Interceptor.  3 years old blue in hard condition.  Another with ample neck and well angulated shoulders.  Super, level topline stacked and moving.
MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy.
Post Graduate Dog  (4,2)
Ewan’s Craigdean Hannibal Fletcher.  Very happy and buoyant orange.  Handsome and he knew it.  Ample bone and substance.   Plenty of body.  No exaggerations.  Obvious care had been taken to present his glorious coat so well.  A real pleasure of an exhibit.  To be picky, maybe a bit too lively on the move.
Hynd’s S. Interceptor.
Limit Dog  (6,1)
Kennedy’s Tipperlin Torchwood.  4 years ultra short orange.  Very compact and cockery.  Great sweep of shoulder into very well ribbed body.  Straight front.  Tight, thickly padded feet which took him around the ring with drive.  At ease with handler and showed himself off.  An easy dog to like.  
Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon  JW.  A joy to behold with his sparkling coat and good looks.  Lovely expression.  Clean neck and shoulders.  Deep body with ribs well spread.  Super, broad beam and width to thigh.  Moved out very well indeed.
Bradford’s Vistwin Valhalla.
Open Dog  (8,4)
Christie’s Tvaeraa Kings Ransom.  Honest dog without exaggerations.  Pleasing head.  Depth to brisket.  Up on his toes.  Moved true.  Just slightly dropped topline on the stack.
Howsley’s Broanglen Circle Of Life At Wishuswell.  Good to go over.  Clever trimming showed of his front angulation.  Neat in outline.  Good, hard condition.  Went well around the ring.  Calm attitude.
MacFarlane’s Cooleela Rob Roy.
Veteran Bitch  (2)
Craig’s Rancecraig Party Popper.  8 years old blue.  A great ambassador for her age-group.  Sturdy.  Deep brisket.  Tight feet.  Held topline stacked and moving.  Enjoyed the event.  
Christie’s Tvaeraa Dominique.  Exceedingly pretty black ‘n’white, also 8 years old.  Captivating head with complimentary freckles.  In good form.  Balanced picture and put down in very good trim.
Minor Puppy Bitch  (4,1)
Cartney’s Carlundie’s Wispa.  Really fell for this 8 months blue.  Very much a baby but so well made throughout.  Lovely head with distinct stop, tight eye rims and ears well set.  Ample reach of neck.  Square in outline.  Both ends well angulated.  Short, deep middle piece.  Went with confidence.  A cracking puppy.  
Roper’s Kelbonny Toffee Pop.  Another quality puppy of very pleasing make and shape.  Attractive colour coat which was well presented.  Short backed with depth and spread to ribs.  Broad beam which was in evidence as she moved out really well.
MacFarlane’s Cooleela Maid Of The Mist.
Puppy Bitch  (7,2)
Reid’s Shanaz Oaty.  Shapely dark blue  with very clean outline.  Lovely to go over.  Pleasing head attributes.  Good reach of neck.  Plenty of return of upper arm.  Well bent stifles.  Short below hocks.  Moved with presence on tidy feet..  Expertly trimmed.  A very eye catching puppy.
MacLean’s Lynwater April Glow.  Quality girl with plenty of body and substance.  Impressed with her overall construction.  No exaggerations.  Super angulations.  Hard condition.  Very attractive on the stack.
Pollock’s Thurness Magpie.
Junior Bitch ( 6)
Adams’ Whinburn Capercaillie.  Stunning black, just one day out of puppy.  Captivating head and expression.  Good shoulder arrangement.  Rock hard muscular condition..  Up on her toes.  Moved precisely.  Just lovely.
Reid’s Shanaz Sequin.  Super, well made cobby blue with good bone.  Well developed second thigh.  Lots of heartroom.  Short, deep body proportions.  Width over quarters.  Sound on the move.
Bodzak Briconess Summer Breeze.
Maiden Bitch (6,2)
Reid’s Shanaz Clootie Dumpling.  Ultra short blue of lovely construction.  Well off for bone density.  Typical and cockery.  Clean outline and very shapely.  Decent amount of heartroom.  Gave her handler a hard time standing but flowed on the move and redeemed herself.  Later discovered she is the daughter of BIS.
Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Brocade.  Beautifully presented black.  Impressive reach of neck and pleasing, square outline.  Lovely to go over with her balanced proportions.  Filled my eye with her strength and femininity.  Not as happy as her kennel mates on the move.
MacLean’s Lynwater In Time.
Novice Bitch (9,3)
Reid’s S. Clootie Dumpling.
Adams’ W. Capercaillie.
Bodzak’s Briconess Winter Eclipse.
Special Yearling Bitch  (5,2)
Ewan’s Craigdean Kokrdoodle Do.  Striking dark blue with that all important hard muscletone.  In full bloom and smartly turned out.  Strength combined with femininity made for a very pleasing combination.  Well bent stifles.  Went with bustle.
Findlay’s Daltonaire Dolly Daydream.  Close up to one with many similar attributes.  Square and balanced.  Ribs well spread and width to hindquarters.  Short below hocks.  A powerhouse on the moved.  Liked her enormously.
Gray’s Shadowview Look At Me.
Undergraduate Bitch  (4,2)
Bodzak’s Whinburn Win Me Over. Light blue girl who wasn’t flashy but a very good make and shape.  Lovely tight feet and well up on pasterns.  Showed very well.  Straight and true on the move.  Very steady.
McLelland’s Ryanside’s Lady Moon.  Honest black.  Sweet head with trusting expression.  Essentially well made but just carrying too much weight today which spoilt her topline.
Graduate Bitch  (5,2)
Cartney’s Ryanside New Beginnings At Carlundie.  Have noticed this blue from the ringside and so I was pleased to have the opportunity to get my hands on her.  Did not disappoint.  A touch out of coat but nothing to hide.  Enough neck into well angulated shoulders.  Closely coupled.  Impressive over quarters.  At one with handler.
Kennedy’s Tipperlin Ginger Schnapps.  Orange in similar mould to one and similar comments therefore apply.  Excellent substance.  Superb angulations.  Lovely to go over.  Not quite as animated as one.
Pollock’s Thurness Amber Dreams.
Post Graduate Bitch  (3)
MacLean’s Lynwater Truffle Delight.  Chocolate roan who commanded attention.  Ticked a lot of boxes.  Cobby and compact.  Front legs set well under body.  Very good bend to stifle.  Well pigmented and so attractive.  Liked her enormously.  A strong contender in the final line up.
Bradford’s Vistwin Kiss Me Quick.  Elegant black who appealed in many ways.  Impressed for neck and shoulder arrangement which flowed into short deep body.  Text book muscular condition.  Coat very well prepared.
Gray’s Shadowview Seabreeze.
Limit Bitch (6)
Reid’s Shanaz Thistle.  Headed an absolutely incredible strong class.  Judged her as a puppy and she has fulfilled her early promise.  Eye catching light blue who free stood four square on thickly padded feet.  Balanced from any angle.  Decent front assembly, short backed and short below hocks.  Moved with verve and panache demonstrating her forward reach.  Had no hesitation awarding her
BB and BIS.
Fairbairn’s Carmelfair Silver Bangle.  Another blue from the top drawer.  Neck, shoulders and return of upper arm all spot on.  Width throughout with no hint of coarseness.  Grand ribcage.  So very close up to one that I invited her back into the line up to take
McLaren’s Bencleuch Business As Usual.
Open Bitch  (5,2)
Fairbairn’s Rosecourt Royal Star.  Steady dark blue.  Decent neck and forehand.  Clean in outline and good bend of stifle.  Shown in pleasing coat and condition.
Bodzak’s Kenan Summer Solstice.  Sweet headed gold presenting a very pleasing picture.  Fabulous gleaming coat.  Very good muscletone.  Short and deep.  Lovely straight front.  Decent width of thigh.  Well handled.  Good ground covering action.
Gray’s Shadowview Seabreeze.
Special Beginners (4,1)
1.      Bradford’s V. Kiss Me Quick.
2.      Walker’s Arnloss Nevermind Ninebark.  Orange puppy who showed really well with some ring presence.  Sympathetically handled to bring out the best in her.  Very well presented.
3.      Scotland’s Sweet Charity Lady.
VAL SMITH Memorial Open Stakes  (3)
1.      Bradford’s Vistwin Valhalla.  Quality black boy.  In tip top condition.  Good reach of neck.  Enough bone.  Width all through. Strong rear.  Drove soundly. around the ring.  A good example.
2.      Smith’s C. Callimakokr.
3.      Craig’s R. Party Popper.

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