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Show Critiques

Judges Critique
5th. September 2015
David Worgan  (Luthame)



I would like to thank the officers and committee for the very warm welcome and a big thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs.  Thank you also to my stewards who keep the ring running smoothly throughout the day.  It was a very friendly show with a very warm atmosphere on such a lovely sunny day.
I found that all the exhibits to be a credit to the breed.  All had good temperaments and I found no bad mouths.  Although the Parti-colour outweighed the solids at this show I found the quality to be excellent in all colours.   I would also like to mention that the veterans were all of such a good quality for their age and a credit to their owners in keeping them on top form. 
I was looking for a classic short cobby cocker which had good, free flowing movement and would do a day’s work in the field, well they are gundogs!
VD (2)
1st: Mrs. J. E. Smith`s: Craigdean Franks-a-Million at Luanshya – B/R Masculine head with tight eyes, ample neck, deep ribs and chest with correct angulation both front and rear.  Very positive on the move and a good example of the breed defying his 10 years – BVD and BVIS

2nd: Miss C. Howsley`s: Broanglen Circle of Life at Wishuswell – B/R 9 years old with good head, dark eyes, good neck and shoulders, short and cobby.  This exhibit could not match the movement of 1 today.
MPD (3, 1)
1st: Mrs. L. Duncan: Bartonholm Fly Half – B/R 8 months with attractive head, keen eye, good length of neck, good lay of shoulders, level topline, correct tail set.  Very good in outline. Steady on the move covering the ground well. BPD

2nd: Mr & Ms SD & HJ Langlands & Stark`s: Kirklinjis Rumour Made It – B/R 6 months, still very raw at the moment, pleasing head, correct length of neck, level topline, nice tail set. Erratic on the move giving the handler a very hard time.  The exhibit settled in later classes and therefore his movement improved.
PD(5, 2)
1st: CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Dutch Magician – Black 11 month’s Kind expression, clear bright eye, well structured shoulders, excellent bone for age.  Topline and tail set correct, well angulated and tight feet.  Merry on the move keeping the outline.  Unfortunately seem to lose his sparkly in the challenge today
2nd: Mr. G. Snell`s: Whinburn Mystic Masquerade With Amaclassic – Gold 11 months Well structured head with dark eye, ample length of neck, correct in outline, angulation good.  Gave the handler a hard time on the move but did settle down towards the end.
3rd: Mr R Kennedy`s: Gallinagos Faith no More
JD (8, 3)
1st: CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Dutch Magician
2nd: Mrs. L Beuilacqua`s: Laelia Ebony and Ivory – B/W 15 months, good outline, masculine head with kind eye, correct neck and shoulders with level topline.  Well boned with good muscle.  Kept his outline on the move but did not quite have the drive as 1.
3rd: C & JMI Mason & Robertson`s: Lynshow Kuckoo with Zheridons
Res: Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Quince
MD (5, 2)
1st: CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Dutch Magician
2nd: Mr R Kennedy`s: Gallinagos Faith No More – Gold, masculine head with good expression.  Pleasing length of neck on to good shoulders.  Good depth of chest and moderately boned.  Balanced throughout but not as mature as 1.  Cover the ground well.
3rd: Mr & Ms SD & HJ Langlands & Stark`s: Kirklinjis Rumour Made It
ND (5)
1st:CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Dutch Magician
2nd: R. & M. Kennedy & Waddington`s: Winter Dance of Kenwad – O/R. Handsome head with clean expression.  Good length of neck and well laid shoulders.  Level topline onto correct tail set.  Well ribbed and on good bone.  Not as well muscled as 1 but is was very close decision.
3rd: Miss J MacLean`s: Lynwater Rumour Has It
Res: Mrs G Wemyss: Golden Spun Sunbeam
SYD (5, 1)
1st: Mrs. C. Cartney`s: Carlundie`s Cooper - B/R – Short and cobby, well sculptured head with clean bright eyes.  Ample length of neck onto sloping shoulders, strong topline and correct tail set.  Tight elbows and well boned.  Nicely angulated allowing good movement.  Kept his outline on the move.
2nd: R. & M. Kennedy & Waddington`s: Winter Dance of Kenwad
3rd: Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Spun Yarn
Res: Mrs. L. Duncan: Bartonholm Saltire Express
UGD (2)
1st: Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Walnut Whip – L/R, another short cobby dog, square muzzle with well defined skull.  Ample neck with clean throat and deep chest.  Well boned and good angulation.  Moved out well covering the ground with ease.
2nd: CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Dutch Dubois – Chocolate; Slightly longer than 1. Pleasing head and expression, good length of neck, good shoulders onto level topline.  Ample depth of chest and good ribs. Good outline and moved with purpose.
GD: (2)
1st:Mrs. A. Scotland`s: Indigo Sun – B/R, classical head with dark eye, well placed shoulders with tight elbows.  Good spring of ribs and chest.  Good fore and aft quarters. Topline was level when stacked however not maintained on the move.
2nd: Mrs. M. Hynd`s: Scomar Magic Flute – B&W; head well developed good expression and alert. Short and cobby with lots to like.  Merry on the move however, gave his hander a very hard time and made it difficult to fully appreciate this exhibit.
PGD (6, 1)
1st:Mrs. W. Bodzak`s: Briconess Solar Flare – Gold; masculine head, alert dark eye, ample neck, deep chest, tight elbows and well padded feet. Strong front and rear quarters. Good bone and muscle enabling powerful movement keeping his level topline.  Well presented.
2nd: CVK Flowers: Totenkopf Magic Touch JW – B&T; lovely head with adequate neck, good spring of ribs.  Ample chest with tight elbows and well-padded feet.  Moved with drive.  Unlucky to meet 1 today, close decision between these two exhibits.
3rd:Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Summer Solstice
Res: Mrs G Wemyss: Golden Spun Sunbeam
LD (6, 1)
1st:Mrs. S. Ewan`s: Craigdean Rocket Man – B/R; masculine balanced head with good expression, good reach of neck, excellent shoulder placement.  Deep chest and ample spring of ribs, strong loin. Correct front and rear angulation.  Well muscled and strong bone.  Shown in excellent condition, presented well and moved with purpose keeping his outline. RBD and RBIS

2nd: R. & M.Kennedy & Waddington`s: Lynwater Daydreamer of Kenwad – B/R; Very similar comments apply as 1 in quality I found it was a very difficult to differentiate between the two, but preferred 1 on the day.
3rd:Mrs. & Mrs. Madigan & Fairbairn`s: Grassmillees Mr. Bojangle of Carmelfair
Res:Mrs G Wemyss: Golden Spun Sunbeam
OD (5, 1)
1st:Mrs. J. E. Smith`s: Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya – B/R; short cobby dog, well balance throughout.  Masculine head, skull well developed, strong neck and shoulders well placed and well angulated.  Straight legs with good bone.  Deep chest and ribs well sprung and short loin.  Strong rear quarters and well balanced.  Confident and merry movement covering the ground with ease keeping his level topline.  In good condition and well presented BD and BIS

2nd: Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Wild Mint – B/R; masculine head, good neck and shoulders with excellent spring of ribs and short in loin.  Strong bone and well muscled.  Shown in excellent condition and well presented.  Moved with drive.  Very close decision between the two exhibits but preferred the maturity of 1 today.
3rd:GCV Low & Flowers: Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon JW SH CM
Res:Mrs. M. Hynd`s: Scomar Magic Flute
VB (4)
1st: Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Lochranza Cordelia – Black 7 years old; feminine head and expression.  Ample neck, good shoulders with level topline and correct tail set.  Ample spring of ribs with tight elbows with good angulation. Moved well and in good condition for her age. BVB

2nd: Mrs. Vera Gray`s: Shadowview Sea Breeze – B/R 7 year old; nicely balanced, short and cobby, petite in stature but more than made up for in character. Well constructed and well presented.
3rd:Mr. & Miss Neatham & Gribbin`s: Lynwater Sea Dream
Res: Mrs. W. Bodzak`s: Kenan Summer Solstice
MPB (4,1)
1st:Mrs. C. Cartney`s: Carlundie`s Callaway – B/R 8 months; nice exhibit for her age.  Short and cobby, very soft expression, well balanced in outline.  Ample angulation both front and rear, tight cat-like feet.  Moved steadily and happily.
2nd: Mrs. E. Craig`s: Della Fiumana Time to Rock – B/R 6 months; very similar to 1 but slightly longer in cast and not as mature.  Overall a very pleasing exhibit and would like to see when she matures.
3rd:Mrs. E. MacLean`s: Lynwater Petunia
 PB (7, 1)
1st:Mrs. W. Reid`s: Shanaz Fickle – B/R 11 months;  a very striking compact bitch with feminine head, clean alert expression, good length of neck onto well angulated shoulders.  Good ribs and chest with tight elbows, well tucked up.  Ample bone and muscle for her age.  Moved with grace keeping a well balance outline.  BPB and went extremely well in the challenge and was happy to award BPIS and RBB.

2nd: Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Whinburn Black Magic – Black 11 months; balanced head with nice expression, good neck and shoulders with level topline and correct tail set.  Good bone and muscle for age and moved well. Shown in good condition.  Unlucky to meet 1 today who was on fine form.
3rd:Mrs. M. Madigan`s: Misperros Silver Lining at Carmelfair
Res:E. & A. Moncrieff`s: Mondale Maple Syrup
JB (3, 1)
1st:Mrs. S. Ewan`s: Craigdean Frieda Facebook – B/W 14 months; very feminine head with sweet expression, ears level with the eyes, good reach of neck and correct shoulder placement and angulation.  Deep chest and heart room, tight elbows and nicely tucked up.  Correct tail set.  On good bone with excellent muscle tone for her age.  Extremely smooth on the move showing a true topline.  Presented to enhance the true outline.  Please to award BB

2nd: Miss C. Howsley`s: Wishuswell Sweet Dreams – Black 15 months; short cobby bitch with sweet expression.  Well balanced in outline and presented well.  Moved with some style but could not match 1 today.
MB (2)
1st: Miss C. Howsley`s: Wishuswell Sweet Dreams
2nd: Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Cooleela Ariadne – Black; lovely expression with dark eye.  Correct length of neck and good shoulders.  Good angulation and moved out well with a happy bounce.  Good temperament.
NB (2,1)
1st: Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Whinburn Black Magic
SYB (3, 2)
1st: Mrs. W. Reid`s: Shanaz Sassy – B/R; short cobby bitch, very pleasing head and kind expression.  Well laid shoulders, good topline and correct tail set.  Plenty of heart room and well ribbed.  Good front and rear angulation, well presented but unsteady on the move.
 UGB (1, 1)
GB (4, 1)
1st:Mrs. C. Cartney`s: Carlundie`s Yaris – B/R; sweet head and kind dark eye.  Medium length of neck with good shoulders, well angulated and good muscle.  Feet in proportional to size of the body.  In good coat and moved out true.
2nd: Mrs. W. Bodzak`s: Briconess Summer Breeze – Gold; strong head with good expression.  Well placed shoulders, level topline.  Good depth of chest with strong bone.  Shown in good condition and moved well.
3rd:Miss K Nuttall`s: Carmelfair Calabrianna
 PGB (1)
1st:Mrs. Vera Gray`s: Shadowview Look at Me – B/R; short and cobby, feminine head and pleasing expression.  Good neck and shoulders, good angulation and adequate muscle tone Moved out well.
LB (3, 1)
1st: Mrs. R. Adams: Whinburn Little Grouse – Black; pleasing head with soft expression.  Long neck and good shoulders, nice topline and tail set.  Ample chest room and ribs.  Well angulated both front and rear.  Presented well with clean outline.  Moved with a merry gait.
2nd: Mr. & Mrs. Neatham`s: Shoogsea Peach Streisand – O/R; slightly heaver in head for me but nevertheless she has a sweet expression.  Clean neck and shoulders.  Strong body with good spring of ribs and good angulation.  Graceful on the move.
OB (6, 2)
1st:Mrs. C. Cartney`s: Ryanside New Beginnings at Carlundie – B/R; compact bitch with classic style head and expression.  Flowing neck onto correct shoulders, well ribbed and strong topline.  Well angulated with good muscle tone.  Moved with some style but was not so animated in the challenge.
2nd: Mrs. L. Duncan: Bartonholm Spell Spinner – O/R; Lovely head with keen expression, lovely neck and shoulders, good chest and rib.  Well presented and was merry on the move.  Difficult to split these two.
3rd:Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Lochranza Cordelia
Res:Mrs. Vera Gray`s: Shadowview Look at Me 
SB (Any Colour Dog or Bitch) (3)
1st: Mrs. M. Madigan`s: Misperros Silver Lining at Carmelfair – B/R; short cobby, nice head with good expression.  Well proportion throughout with adequate angulation.  Moved out covering the ground well.
2nd: Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Cooleela Ariadne
3rd: Miss K Nuttall`s: Carmelfair Calabrianna 
Val Smith Memorial Open Stakes (Any Colour Dog or Bitch) (4, 2)
1st:Mrs. S. McFarlane`s: Lochranza Cordelia
2nd: Mrs. & Mrs. Madigan & Fairbairn`s: Grassmillees Mr. Bojangle of Carmelfair
Judge: David Worgan (Luthame)

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