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Mrs. Jane Graham ( Nyliram )

East of Scotland Cocker Spaniel Club – 15th March 2014
 I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging a quality entry of Cockers and would like to thank the Committee and Exhibitors for making me feel so welcome. A huge thanks to my Stewards who kept everything running smoothly. BIS Shanaz Oaty, RBIS Tipperlin Tumbling Dice, BPIS Doubtless Pillowtalk
VD (2)
1. Smith`s Craigdean Franks-a-Million at Luanshya, 8 ½ yrs compact b/r, masculine throughout with super head and expression. Well off for bone with ample ribs and substance, stood and moved true keeping a level topline. BVIS.
2. Williamson`s Rhuston Evermore with Budminteal, close up with similar attributes, just felt winner had the edge on the move.
MPD (5,2)
1. Flowers Totenkopf Magic Touch, very smart b/t with masculine head and lovely expression. Ample bone and neat feet. Clean neck with well sloped shoulders. Nicely developed body for age, good rear angulation with hocks well let down. Moved soundly.  
2. Reid & Aitken`s Shanaz Blether, promising b/r everything in the right place, moved well once settled.
3. Howsley`s Wishuswell Mr Mischief
PD (2)
1. Reid`s Shanaz Minted, 8 mths, lovely breed type with balanced head and square muzzle, super front and feet, ample ribbing for age and short coupled. Correct topline and tail set. Excellent width at rear, moved out well with good driving action. BPD

2. Hynd`s Scomar Magic Flute, nearly 12 mths b/w appealing youngster but not the substance of winner and needs to settle on the move.
JD (6,1)
1. MacLean`s Lynwater Media Storm, very pleasing o/r, loved his head and expression, compact body and correct angulation throughout. Looked a picture standing and didn’t disappoint on the move. Pushed hard for top honours,
2. Madigan & Fairbairn`s Grassmillees Mr Bojangle, compact l/r, shown in good coat and condition, moved out well keeping level topline.
3. Mason & Clubb`s Lynwater Out Of Touch
MD (2,1)
1. Hynd`s Scomar Magic Flute.
ND (abs)
SYD (5,1)
1. Kennedy’s Tipperlin Tumbling Dice, headed a quality class, full of breed type, masculine head, excels in neck and shoulders with good front and feet. Ample ribbing and strong loin. Correct angulation throughout with well rounded rear. A bit of a fidget standing but moved out soundly with good driving action covering the ground with ease. BD & RBIS

2. MacLean`s Lynwater Wild Mint another lovely dog from this kennel, not as settled on the move as winner.
3. Kennedy & Waddington`s Lynwater Daydreamer
UGD (2)
1. McFarlane`s Lochranza Lord Of The Isles, well turned out gold, with appealing head and melting expression, lovely neck and shoulders, ample ribs and substance, very sound mover, really upped his game in the challenge to take RBD

2. Roger`s Pembrokegate Dandy Lad, heavier built black dog, preferred neck and shoulders of winner, in good coat and condition moved okay once settled.
GD (1) 1. McFarlane`s Lochranza Lord Of The Isles
PGD (1)
1. Hynd`s Scomar Interceptor, handsome dog of lovely breed type and shape. Moved soundly but felt he was lacking in furnishings today for top honours.
LD (5,1)
1. Flowers Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon JW ShCM  black dog with much to like about him, put down to perfection and moved well. He is a little proud of himself, but overall a good honest dog.
2. Ewan`s Craigdean Rocket Man, pleasing young dog in good coat and condition, not as positive on the move as winner.
3. Hynd`s Scomar Interceptor
OD (7,4)
1. Smith`s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya, lovely 4 yrs b/r of excellent breed type, super head with square muzzle, masculine all through with excellent bone and feet, well ribbed and strong in loin. I did feel he was carrying a little excess weight which cost him dearly today.
2. Hynd`s Scomar Interceptor.
3. McFarlane`s Cooleela Rob Roy
VB (2,1)
1. Hynd`s Tvaerra Snowdrop at Scomar, feminine 8yr old b/w bitch, lacking in coat today which spoilt the overall picture but otherwise of good breed type. Moved out well.
MPB (4,1)
1. Reid`s Shanaz Soapy Bubble headed a delightful class of promising babies all with much to like about them, loved this 8 mths b/r for her straight front and overall balance. Presented a lovely outline when stood, with ample depth and substance for age. Correct rear angulation with well let down hocks. Moved positively round the ring.
2. MacLean`s Lynwater Elder Flower, another great example from this kennel, 7 mths b/r of lovely balance throughout. Covered the ground well on the move.
3. Fairbairn`s Misperros Kerrerra
PB (7,2)
1. Todd & Rahman`s Doubtless Pillowtalk, my notes say ‘stunning’. Beautiful black bitch who was put down to perfection, sweetest head and expression, excels in neck and shoulders, ample bone and neat feet. Well bodied and strong in loin. True movement front and rear, covering the ground with ease. surely has a bright future ahead. Delighted to award her BPB & BPIS

2. Fairbairn`s Amarillo Starlight of Carmelfair, lovely b/r with pleasing head and eye, good reach of neck, ample bone and body. Moved soundly with drive.
3. Mason`s Lynwater Opal
JB (8,3)
1. Garrett`s Carmelfair Dorada, well presented compact b/r, feminine all through without lacking substance. Well boned  with tight feet, ample ribbing and strong in loin. Moved soundly keeping a firm topline.
2. MacLean`s Lynwater Celtic Rhyme, lovely headed b/r with clean neck and well laid shoulders. Good legs and padded feet. Well bodied, correct angulation, moved out well.
3. Moncrieff`s Mondale Blue Magic
MB (4,2)
1. Mason`s Lynshow I Rest My Case, 18 mth b/r with pleasing head and expression, ample bone and body, well handled but just needs to strengthen in topline.
2. Christie`s Whitfield`s When U Wish Upon a Star, raw baby just out of puppy, needs time. Moved well.
NB (3,1)
1. McCabe & Mcgregor`s Grandtully All That Jazz, excels in head, neck and shoulders, looks a picture standing, moved true with drive and merry cocker action. With full maturity should trouble the best.
2. May`s Lynshow Dancing with Hope, full of breed type but lacked the sparkle of the winner today.
SYB (3,1) 
1. Scotland`s Think Of Me,17 months compact o/r with pleasing head and expression. Correct angulation throughout with ample body and good strength in loin. Moved out with drive and purpose.
2. Devine`s Belltrees Blue Sapphire heavier built b/r, well balanced with good spring of rib. Moved well once settled.
UGB (5,2)
1. Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Brocade, well presented black in full bloom, pleasing head, strong bone with well padded feet. Correct angulation fore and aft. Decent spring of rib. Moved soundly with drive, keeping a firm topline. RBB
2. Bodzak`s Briconess Winter Eclipse, really liked this b/t to go over, lovely head and melting expression, not settled on the move today which cost her dearly.
3. May`s Lynshow Dancing with Hope
GB (4,3)
1. Gray`s Shadowview Look at Me, feminine all through with adequate bone and body properties. Presented in good condition, moved well in profile.
PGB (5,3)
1. Reid`s Shanaz Double Nugget, lovely b/r full of breed type, everything in the right place, in good overall condition but just needs a little more maturity to complete the picture.
2. Gray`s Shadowview Sea Breeze, not as balanced as winner but delightful temperament and moved out well when settled.
LB (5,2)
1. Reid`s Shanaz Oaty, stunning b/r who took my eye when she entered the ring. She didn’t disappoint on going over, beautiful head and expression, so true in front with firm well padded feet, compact body and well angulated fore and aft. She moved out soundly with drive. Even a change of handler in the challenge didn’t affect her performance, a pleasure to award her BB & BIS

2.  Flowers’ Totenkopf Phanessa, another quality bitch from this kennel, close up for top honours, just preferred her kennelmate on the move today.
3. Gray`s Shadowview Sea Breeze
OB (1)
1. Bodzak`s Kenan Summer Solstice, sweet bitch of nearly 7 years, feminine throughout with lovely front and feet. Ample body properties and moved out soundly fore and aft with merry cocker action.
SB (A/C D or B) (4,2)
1. Madigan`s Misperros Miami compact bitch just out of puppy. Pleasing breed type, scored in topline and front movement.
2. Howsley`s Wishuswell Mr Mischief 7 months black dog, just needs time but has all the essentials.
Val Smith Memorial Open Stakes (A/C D or B) (2)
1. Smith`s Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya  2. Christie`s Whitfield`s When U Wish Upon a Star

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