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Judges Critique
1st. September 2012
Mrs T. Beswick  (Cachel)


Hynd-Come Fly With Me at Scomar
Masculine black and white, good head and eye, well put together with substance, lovely tight feet presented in good condition, moved out well.

 Minor Puppy
Bevilacqua- Canyonn Celebration with Laelia
7 mnth blue roan with good head and eye, bone and substance, well ribbed, level topline, moved and presented well.
Aitken- Laelia You Are My Sunshine
Gold boy good head and eye slightly longer cast than 1 with good ribs, width over loin, moved out well.

Brown,Todd & McCormack- Craigdean Handy Andy
Eye catching dog, masculine chiselled head with kind expression, ample bone and substance, good front and feet, big ribs, well angulated, strong level topline, exuberant but moved soundly when settled in good coat and condition.
Ewan-  Craigdean Rocket Man
Lovely shaped head has bone and substance with good feet well put together, level topline in lovely presentation, moved soundly, two nice puppies I notice they are brothers, just preferred head and eye of 1.
Scott& Robertson- Casteannans Archangel
Buchanan- Dalarran Black Fen Boy
Lovely head and eye, balanced and nice type, good bone, tight feet, well sprung ribs, level topline width over loin, and used his rear angulation on the move in excellent coat and condition
Maclean- Lynwater Sticky Moment
Balanced head with kind eye,liked his overall make and shape nice clean outline.  Well-angulated and muscled front and rear.  Moved with style holding level topline.
Scott & Robertson- Casteannans Archangel
Scott & Robertson- Casteannans Archangel
Golden masculine boy with good head and eye, bone and feet, level topline, barrelled ribbing and well put together, level topline moved ok
MacFarlane- Lochranza Lord of the Isles
Good head and eye tight feet, in firm condition slightly longer cast than 1 moved ok

Special Yearling
Buchanan- Dalarran Black Fen Boy
Maclean- Lynwater Double Top
Orange boy chiselled head and kind eye, good bone and tight feet has substance longer cast than 1 in good coat and condition moved well.
Rodger- Pembrokegate Dandy Lad
Flowers- Totenkopf Dutch Courage JW
 Typical headed black with lovely expression, good reach of neck into fine sloping shoulders, well sprung ribs, good rear angulation, level topline which he held on the move, in excellent coat and condition. 
MacFarlane- Cooleela Rob Roy
Black and tan boy wth good head and tight eye tight feet and ample bone,level topline and merry on the move.

Brown, Todd & McCormack- Lynwater Storm Petral
Really liked this masculine balanced golden boy, lovely head and eye, good bone and catlike feet, so well put together with level topline and width over loin, very well muscled and short below hocks. Came into his own on the move and had that extra sparkle.
Hynd- Scomar Interceptor
Blue with good head and eye, nicely put together with good neck and well angulated shoulders, level topline stacked and moving, in firm condition longer cast than 1

Post Graduate
Flowers- Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dragoon JW SH CM
Lovely headed black really kind expressive eyes, tight feet with good bone and substance, well-angulated front and rear, level topline, short below hocks and so well presented, moved out with real style with lovely outline.  
Smith- Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya
Masculine blue, lovely chiselled head and kind eye, with good angulation front and rear, big ribs and substance, excellent well-muscled condition, moved really well with width over loin, just lost his topline on the move.

Bradford- Vistwin Valhalla
Quality, balanced black boy, nice type, lovely head and kind expression, ample bone and best of feet. Good reach of neck, has width and depth all through with good ribbing, level topline and short below hocks, strong rear which he used to really drive soundly around the ring with style, in first class condition, presented well.
Hynd- Scomar Interceptor

Flowers Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon JW
Lovely head and expression, clean neck and shoulders, has good depth in body with well sprung ribs, level topline, width over loin and had good angles and muscletone, moved out very well in gleaming coat and presentation.
Christie- Tvaeraa Kings Ransom
Pleasing headed male, honest type of dog with kind eye, good bone and feet has depth to brisket and excellent ribbing, moved true, just slightly dropped topline.  
MacFarlane- Cooleela Rob Roy

Craig- Rancecraig Party Popper
Pretty blue, lovely shaped head and kind expression, well constructed with tight feet, has depth in brisket with good ribs with width over loin, she held topline and moved out so well in lovely coat and condition for her age.

Minor Puppy
Maclean- Lynwater Fairytale
Ultra feminine orange bitch, pretty head and lovely expression, straight front and tight feet, good neck and shoulder placement, she has width and depth with good ribbing and presented in gleaming coat, moved with extension and drive when settled for her young handler.
Madigan- Carmelfair Islay Del Misperros
Blue bitch pretty head and eye, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs and substance, level topline, short below hock, just needs to come up on leg but moved well.
Craig- Rancecraig Choir Girl
Ewan- Craigdean Dynamite
Pretty feminine blue with good head and eye,well angulated with good bone, tight feet and big ribs, level topline in lovely coat and condition, a handful and exuberant on the move but drove out well when settled
Flowers- Molkara Monkey Business
Compact black bitch lovely outline,very pretty head and eye, well constructed with good feet, sprung ribs, with level topline, short below hock, excellent condition just needs more confidence on the move.
Neatham & Gribbin- Shoogsea Peach Streisand
Maclean- Lynwater Sea Pearl
Pretty orange, good head and eye, depth of forechest, good ribs, level topline, well good angles, merry mover in good coat and condition.
 2.  Walker- Arnloss Pennyroyal Pumpkin
Longer cast bitch, lovely outline not as enthusiastic and preferred eye of 1 in good condition, moved out well.
MacFarlane Cooleela Maid of the Mist
MacFarlane Maid of the Mist
Nice head and eye, good front, big ribs, in firm condition, just lost topline on move.

Bodzak- Briconess Winter Eclipse
Feminine nicely balanced black and tan with pretty head and tight eye, good angles front and rear, well sprung ribs lovely topline good width over loin, moved true in gleaming coat and firm condition.
Maclean- Lynwater Rose Finch
Pretty headed girl, well-boned, big ribs, lovely topline, moved well just slightly longer cast than 1
Walker- Arnloss Pennyroyal Pumpkin
Special Yearling
Adams- Whinburn Capercaillie
Quality black, nice type, feminine head and expression, lovely feet, good shoulder placement firm muscular condition, level topline good width over loin short below hocks, moved out with drive, presented well

Flowers- Totenkopf Dutch Brocade
Beautifully presented balanced black girl, feminine head, expressive eyes, lovely feet good reach of neck, well angulated with pleasing outline, lovely to go over, moved true with style and flair around the ring.
Adams- Whinburn Capercaille
Craig- Rancecraig Brief Encounter
Adams- Whinburn Capercaillie
MacFarlane- Lochranza Cordelia
Pretty head and eye, good rib and substance well put together, level topline moved out well
Bodzak- Whinburn Win me Over
Bradford- Vistwin Kiss Me Quick
Elegant black, nice type, has strength and femininity with good neck and shoulder placement, short square deep body in firm muscular condition, level topline, short below hocks just flowed around the ring with presence, noticed she is litter sister to RBIS
Ewan- Craigdean Kokrdoodle Do
Eye-catching dark blue, feminine head and dark eye, good straight front and tight feet good front angulation, has strength in body, well bent stifles with good muscle tone, went well with style, just carrying a little extra weight today
Gray- Shadowview Seabreeze
Fairburn- Carmelfair Silver Bangle
Balanced blue from the top drawer, really liked her, sweet feminine head and expression, good front, tight feet, first rate neck, shoulders and return of upper arm, she has width throughout with barrelled ribcage and good over loin, firm muscled rear and short below hock, moved out so well with that typical merry cocker bustle and style

Bodzak- Kenan Summer Solstice
Sweet headed golden girl, straight front, well constructed, short and deep good topline and width of thigh, covered the ground well in gleaming coat. 
MacFarlane- Lochranza Cordelia
Gray- Shadowview Seabreeze
Special Beginners
Bradford- Vistwin Valhalla

Memorial Open Stakes
Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya
Pembrokegate Dandy Lad
Craigdean Dynamite

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